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OFWGKTA present Radical

6 years ago written by

It looks like our left-coast homies coming out of the Odd Future camp are continuing their campaign to drop ill bombs on the masses. On Radical, the crew decides to showcase their lyrical talent, destroying some of your favorite beats, leaving a big gaping hole in them, and leaving without even an apology. Yes, that includes OF general and beat maestro, Tyler, The Creator. But if you’ve been paying attention, like I told you to, then this should be expected as dude rips tracks. So, with that said, go and download the mixtape. Unless you’re easily offended, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.*More after the jump*

      11 Orange Juice By EarlWolf
Download:OFWGKTA – Orange Juice By EarlWolf

      14 Alright By Hodgy Beats
Download:OFWGKTA – Alright By Hodgy Beats

      02 Splatter By Tyler The Creator
Download:OFWGKTA – Splatter By Tyler The Creator

Download: OFWGKTA – Radical


Download: Tyler, The Creator – Bastard


1. Intro
2. Splatter by Tyler, The Creator
3. Turnt Down by Hodgy beats
4. Drop by Earl Sweatshirt
5. Salute by Domo Genesis
6. Everything That’s Yours by Mike G
7. Blade by Earl Sweatshirt
8. Double Cheeseburger by Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley
9. Round & Round by Hodgy Beats, Jasper & Mike G
10. Ugly Girls
11. OrangeJuice by EarlWolf
12. Cool by Earl Sweatshirt & Mike G
13. Oblivion by Tyler, The Creator
14. Alright by Hodgy Beats
15. Leather Head by Wolf Haley

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Comments to OFWGKTA present Radical

  • Ozone


    • Jinx

      I can’t believe how brainwashed people are with the shit music that is out now. OPEN YOUR EARS! OFWGKTA, keep representing the hardcore rap the way it should be.

  • http://nowebsite.. Universe

    For a website that promotes such good and innovative music, this album is absolute shite. Promoting guys like Theophilius London and Whiz Kalifa who are pumping some excellent beats is a good idea, promoting trash like this is not good.

    Swag me the fuck out is the shining image of a crap album. If you “rate” that track, your music taste is sour milk.

    • Slayden

      Its Wiz Boss

    • theonewithears

      your ears must be broke.

    • theonewithears

      odd future would fuck those guys up lyric for lyric. day in day out. even asleep they sound better.

      • big dick

        ofwgkta bitches and u suck dick like u suck dick but u rite doe dey fuckin cold

    • kingdingkong

      you really must be tone deaf

      • female

        u are obviously ingorant to new things , so what if people prefer to like them ove wiz, at less the shit the rap about is different from the shit that drake,wayne,wiz and everybody else , there shit is new different its like a combination of m&m(his slimshady album ) ol dirty bastard, and mf doom it takes someone with a great variety and taste in music to understand the concepts in OFWGKTA music. radicla, bastard and soon to come goblins … nigga step your shit up before they crumble !!!! WOLF GANG or die !!!

    • Long Duck Dong

      Dude, you can’t be serious. These guys are retarded nice. I don’t know how you can hate.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      anddddd ur dumb, fuck you and fuck steve harvey, why dont you go fuck each other

    • eBoss


    • escaperoom

      You’re fucking full of hubris. Your subjectivity is not objectively superior. Remember that. I don’t like their songs much, like you, but don’t be such an asshole about it.

    • Anonymous

      ur a fucking faggot fuck wiz nigga!!!

    • Anonymous

      you must be fuckin gay

    • wolfgang6fuck6steve6harvey

      your fucking a dumb ass, SWAGGGG!!!!!

    • Anthro Mano

      Given their lyrical ability, I’m pretty ssure songs liek ‘Swag Me Out’ and ‘Tina’ (off Basard) are joke tracks poking/having fun with swag rappers like Lil B and those special kids out there

    • Anonymous

      shut up hoe

    • Anonymous

      fuck you bitch

    • La’Teef

      OFWGKTA > current Wiz Khalifa period.

    • TREEZY

      im fucking 13 and i like oddfuture better then anyone so all of you fucking haters suck my dickk 666

    • TronCat

      yeah fuck you bud. wiz khlifa sold out and hes a fucking faggot with a yellow stripe in his hair. Its dumb fucks like you that think they know anything about real music and sound reeeally fucking stupid. k thanks bud.
      FREE EARL. faggot.

    • Don Swag

      the fact you think Wiz Khalifa is good makes your comment invalid.
      SWAG ME OUT BITCH. some tracks are shit but i like about half of the tracks on here. EARL – DROP best tracl

  • skatemental03

    to universe: why are you hating? these are some youngs cats just spitting? and they do a damn good job. im guessing you havent heard their original music and seen the videos these cats put together, because imo, it shits on the london and wiz dude. not to mention they’re all between 16 and 20.

  • Universe

    “hating” Hating would be implying I actually care for these people or have emotions against them, which I have none. It’s crap in my view and I’m free to express that.

    “youngs cats” Don’t use terms like that okay, it makes you look like an idiot, ha.

    You refer to Theophilius London as “london” and Whiz Kalifa as “wiz guy”, not only does this embrace a strong idea that are you a moron (which I hope you are not), but you completely destroy your own argument, ha. Irony, son, learn it.

    • FamLay

      son stop trollin its just a buncha sarcasm and fun that these dudes put into these tapes. taking hip hop so damn seriously isnt a good look.

      idk if you’ve ever listend to some more of their material but you should if not.

    • Fuck

      London is shit, anything on this mixtape murders his boring ass shit, just cause some critic told you shit was good doesn;t mean you have to like it you hypebeast ass lame

    • Omnipotent Lord..

      You sound like an ignorant fool, with an ego the size of Jupiter. Get over yourself. Granted, Wiz and Theophilus are definitely good, but it just seems to me like your a follower… all these “hypebeasts” fucking love Whiz and Theo. So scurry off to repetitively searching your favorite blogs for new ideas to define yourself as a human. Not to mention, if you actually took some time to look at the lyrical content of OFWGKTA you would know that this is genuine music. They make what they want to make, not what the people want.


    • rico

      nigga die slowly… choke on your own spit n die. if you’re gonna criticise it means you care to a certain extent. SLAP YOURSELF! swag

    • wolfgang6fuck6steve6harvey

      Dude you are a moron you keep spelling “Wiz Khalifa” ,like wtf just look it up you retard you’re already on the computer jerking off to him anyway…

  • Steve Harvey

    Fuck these niggas!

    • Diego Inglewood

      No FUCK YOU, Steve Harvey!

  • Waka Flocka Weaves

    Universe must go to 2DopeBoyz…Faggot. Nigga it’s WIZ KHALIFA you dyslexic orphan.

  • itstk

    Universe is a classic 2DB snitch

  • Orpheus

    This is by far the worst mixtape i have ever heard…talentless rappers poorly produced…

    • Mike G

      Its a mixtape you dumb fuck. We didnt produce any of the tracks.
      As far as the talentless part, i’ll let that slide cuz I got bitches so I aint stressin.

      • ashoka

        uh yeah i wouldnt listen to anything said. if people cant realize how dope OFWGKTA its because they have the worst shit taste ever and had to get what they DO like pushed down their throat by other, smarter people when they were kids.

      • Anonymous

        Mike G! ……

    • Anonymous

      u gay

  • Ozone

    fuck wiz and london you clearly like emo pop rap, get off the trendwagon of bullshit and listen to some real shit.

    • Anonymous

      fuck ya wiz is not the same after this shit he just ssounds like a bitch talking only about smoking and tayler gang (fuckthatgayassshit they probly play with each others butthole when they make a new shity song) ofwgkta!

  • Universe

    by the way i love cock in my ass

  • 2dbowns

    this is garbage.

    • jeff

      fuck 2dopeboyz

    • Anonymous

      mi verga en su culo!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3rdf

    worst mixtape i heard in my life.

  • blockheat

    those niggas are spittin heat

  • Flocka Pope

    This is probably one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in a long time. You honestly can’t say these guys aren’t murdering these beats, shit is ridiculous. But hey, if you’re a faggot, listen to those 2DB lowlifes that have nothing better to do than try to put down an arsenal of talented emcees and producers and download some shit that sounds like everybody else. Yeah, those guys that sound like everybody else REALLY deserve that shine!

  • Cliff

    Wow, that really inspires me. It just reminded me that no matter what happens in the world we can always take it one day at a time and it will get better. Thank you.

  • thelonious m.

    if y’all don’t think Earl and Tyler ain’t killing these tracks y’all crazy, and that Swag Me Out track is just like Tina on Tyler’s Bastard mixtape, obviously like a skit…but anywho, tape gets thrown in my roation EASY OFWGKTADGAFLL

  • ninja




  • Tara

    swag me out bitch! i love that song. great mixtape. i listen to it everyday!

  • chocothunder

    Does anyone know the original for the beat on blade?

  • chocothunder

    what beat is that for blade?

    • FamLay/RacialSlur

      i think its that terror squad shit…fat joe and em. probably should check the album w/ lean back on it.

  • Anonymous

    fuck, i just love everything about these motherfuckers.

  • Journey Beats

    this shit is tha most dope shit in my cd collection!!! if anyone disses OFWG they’re some DUMB MUTHERFUCKERS!!!.ALL OF THE RADICAL TRacks Is Beast ass fuck!! Coming From A true FAN!!..Who BEEN LISTENING TO ODD FUTURE SINCE THE ODD FUTURE TAPE WAS RELEASED!!!

  • Journey Beats

    OHH YEAH & wiz w.e your name is is a fucking lamme!!! tyler the creator could single handingly murder his flowwss!!!if you havent heard any of odd future original beats and original tracks>> GO FUCKING DOWNLOAD ALL THERE SHIITT NOW….FUCKING FAGGOT ALL THEY SHIT IS WELL DESEREVED AND ANYONE WHO DIISES THEM CAN EAT A ELAPHANT ASS!!

  • Yo Benkow

    Odd Grenland represents Odd Iversen, now that´s a scat with skillz. Pumpin´those pills, kills with Will, Smith, Smatt und Smule, busa deserves a kule. What´s up with that? I don´t know, I ate your cat. Yo mamas cat. Anne Kath. Hærland. Yo. There´s no way to Norway. – Yo Benkow –

  • ofwgkta

    eat a dick, bitch

  • Pete Hock Soul Saliva

    odd future aint bout shit

    • Anonymous

      i feel you

  • Nathaniel

    This tape is hot. Not for everyone though. I’m not easily offended so some horror rap is definitely what I need.

  • trenchmc

    Fuck I remember being on this site like 6 months ago and seeing this post and then glossing over it so I could get the the G.O.O.D. Friday song or some shit. Little did I know OF would become my favorite group like 4 months later. Regardless, I love everything they put out.


  • Anonymous

    anyone who criticizes OF most likely jerks and is a dick rider to what other people like in music.

  • Darkyellow

    Lyrics are dope and deliberate. Make the necessary beats and put out an album. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Coachella.

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  • Sneakfreakchris

    OFWGKTA they waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then that nigga wiz black and yellow killed it for him imo but dude saying these guys are talentless is the stupidest shit ive ever heard they make theyre own beats and everything and they never jack ryhmes like other artist do so universe GTFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • SL

    This shit GOOOOOO. hilarious and smart as hell. Can’t wait to see these dudes blow up and sell the fuck out cause they deserve it.

    P.S: EARLS MOM: Let that little nigga LIVE.

  • foookinggdyyyykhi

    i got goo in my ear, fuck you sausages

  • ashoka

    are you fucking serious. THEOPHILIUS!?

    go touch a little boy penis that would be cooler than who you’ve chosen to be by FAR

  • josephsinspace

    Fuck 2 dope boys
    fuck that fake ass whack ass drake shit
    Fuck steve harvey
    swag me the fuck out

  • Plague

    yo honestly i think OFWGKTA is refreshing as fuck. i just kinda wish they weren’t blowing up so quick and gaining a huge following of morons. i’ve known about them for a minute. i think earl is the most lyrically skilled but to say the beats suck? its a mixtape first and foremost. but even on earl’s album and tyler’s the beats are amazing they are grimey as fuck clearly sloppy on purpose and off time but they make it work for them. i mean obviously people are getting mad into their music either way. so its kind of a dick slap in the face to all the haters.

  • Mark Serrano
  • McKent Griffey Jr

    I actually like dese guys

  • Zippo Hebs

    OFWGKTA. The fucking future. Wolf Gang and die.

  • fraser

    I think all these niggas is hatin because this is some a new kind of lyracism comin back and everybody is used to this mainstream kudi gay ass shit
    BTW i think OFWGKTA is killin it

  • Cameron

    Earl Sweatshirt has a top flow and ill rhyme scheme but no mater how hard I try I can’t enjoy the shit he is talking about. Yes he is funny. Yes he can flow amazing. No I don’t like listening to him.

    PS 2DBZ are doing it bigger then all you haters, and you look stupid trying to hate on a website.

  • Ebonics


  • s

    earl sweatshirt is ridiculously good. if you don’t like them, fine. but you’re missing out.

  • s

    err, i meant OFWGKTA

  • ya boi

    massive troll

  • Anon

    I’m not sure where I stand on this one. Saw the late night on Jimmy Fallon, totally amazed by the original direction Odd Future’s taking; but still not convinced by their rapping skills, at times it lacks coherence and flair

  • max romero

    at first i tought that this fuck shit was freaky
    but as some say that its no for everybody

  • Anthro Mano

    @Universe ‘Swag Me Out’ and ‘Trina’ are joke tracks poking/having fun with swag rappers like Lil B and those special kids out there

  • Anthro Mano


  • Mark Serrano

    IM GAY

    • Anonymous

      eat a dick, you can get it off the odd future website

  • imdizturbd

    me cant downloadie =(
    W0LF G@NG OR D!3

  • Amsterdam

    Fucking Dope. Can’t get enough.

  • woooswag

    free earl!
    fuck you.

  • t_R0bz

    box goodies and hoodies from buddies that understand that basterd was buzzin like woody so we get it for free.


    fuck all you haters im 13 and there the shit if u ask me niggaa 666

  • http://radical josh14


  • Anonymous


  • king tree

    this nigga go hard

  • Maria Hofmann

    Wohh exactly what I was looking for, thanks for posting .

    • Anonymous

      gay keibt’

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, appreciate it. Love Splatter.

  • Evelyn Curry

    love this website!:)

  • Anonymous

    he forgot to put… up by tyler, domo and hodgy.. and forgot swag me out with all of them on it

  • Thouqhts

    loveeeeee thiss shxt

  • Wilsonsharod




  • Stiffi32

    Why is this being posted now?? This came out like 2 years ago

  • Mynameisbob

    Wow. I notice how soft people are coming. 

    For those who don’t like OF, I suggest you get the fuck out of there shit and stick to soft shit like Weezy and Drake. You obviously can’t handle Odd Future’s art and prefer listening to brainless retarded mainstream dogshit. 

    That is all.

    • MR.Longjohns

      hell man thats real shit fuck you if you dont fuck with the wolfs

  • Anthony

    who argues with another person on a music website???

  • vball30


  • vball30

    Marrry me tyler!

  • Reuby Dooby


  • Benjak134


  • troy supremes



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