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Game – “Higher” ft Swizz Beatz & Jay Electronica

5 years ago written by

Here’s the unfinished/rough version of the track “Higher” which features Game, Swizz Beatz and my man Jay Electronica. Any new tracks with Jay on them are a blessing wheter its the complete mastered version or not. The track also features Bob Marley mixed in which is great because for a minute I thought people forgot about the legend or the genre as a whole. Check out the track and don’t worry..there will be some electro and indie coming your way soon if you’ve had enough hip-hop but for now just diversify your bonds….

Download: Game ft. Jay Electronica & Swizz Beatz – Higher

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Montrey Whittaker

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Comments to Game – “Higher” ft Swizz Beatz & Jay Electronica

  • Anonymous

    don´t stop posting hip hop! :)

  • The Game

    This is unfinished track?