Half and Half Presents - Pollyn feat. Freddie Gibbs

Half and Half Presents - Pollyn feat. Freddie Gibbs
So through my heavy drinking/partying ways, I come to you here, at Earmilk, with something a little new. Something a little different. Something that compliments the already extraordinary selection already found here. A new poster with a new weekly Wednesday column - Half and Half. The intent here is to bring to you the cream of up-and-coming indie bands. We will scower the bars, clubs, and webs far and wide, with our hands in every basket, and our ears in every corner to bring YOU the best shit out there.


Ahhhh fuck. School is here. My two week vacation is over. Hard drinking continues into the school year, and fresh new gems are still being picked out for you. Now Freddie Gibbs needs no introduction (if he does, I'll let wiki do my work) but he has found his place amongst the indie kids due to videos like this, and collabos like this. Dude luhhhss to get blunted with white chicks. But then again - who doesn't. Let me present to you Polyyn. A musical collective (i.e. a trio) who makes experimental electronic (although genres tend to be annoying) in the same vein of heavy hitters Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing. They just recently released their fourth and final remix EP - Shake Out The Other Way - with appearances from Them Jeans, Nosaj Thing, and the wild card, Freddie Gibbs. Nothing like a sweet white girls voice crooning, while being juxtaposed by that gutta gutta Gibbs. Check it out and keep these guys on the radar. Pollyn


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