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Rihanna – “Love the Way You Lie Part 2” (feat. Eminem)

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Rihanna and Eminem have released Part 2 of their hit track “Love The Way You Lie”. This sequel is going to be featured on Rihanna’s upcoming album, Loud, which should drop November 16th. This track seems like it was suppose to be this way..more Rihanna than Eminem. Check out the track below.

Download: Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie Part II (Feat. Eminem)

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Montrey Whittaker

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Like many, I started my musical education while engaged in playing classical music in school. What began as a simple adolescent activity, quickly transformed into a deep love and appreciation for all forms of music. This love would continue to grow and manifested itself into the form of becoming a Co-Founder of EARMILK. This online music publication has become my outlet to spread all genres of music to those impressionable people, much like me. And, much like you, i'm often literally waiting for the drop....



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Comments to Rihanna – “Love the Way You Lie Part 2” (feat. Eminem)

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  • omfg

    omg omg this is absolutly perfect!

  • Anonymous

    loooove it!!!!

  • http://muitolouko marcelo


  • tater



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  • really?

    if i wanted top 40, i’d listen to the radio.
    what are you doing.

  • beeef

    OOFT. amazing. <3

  • beeef

    OOFT. <3

  • Dalia

    oohhh wow!!! im speechless

  • RoMa


  • Ebonics

    what ugly pic

    • Applez

      ikr!! i was thinking the same exact thing but the frikkin song is amazing!! right??

  • duck

    love it

  • awesome


  • linz

    This is amazing!!

  • http://GhicitoarE emque

    e cea mai tare melodie ! e mai tare decat prima parte !imi place asa mult!te amo rihanna

  • blackhole

    ugh, shoulda changed the chorus at least otherwise its ok

  • oda emilie

    I love this song, it’s amazing

  • Rihannano1

    Rihanna is the BEST

  • Holly

    I love u baby

  • holly

    im a lesbo

  • http://Hotmail Eminem

    ohhhhhhhhh very nice

  • dylan


  • nitsuj

    hahah luv it!

  • http://Hotmail Eminem

    ehuheuheuh i heard every DAYY

  • BORING!!!

    THis version is s boring, the whletme your jut waiting fr eminem’s part. It’s definitely lacking the passion/emotion that part one has.

    • Anonymous

      ur a hater!!!!

  • Amanda

    Thanks for sharing that voice and song. This is how a lot of people feel but don’t have a voice to sing it or anyone to share it with.


    Great song Reeree. Caribbean people are PROUD of you

  • Jess

    i love it. waaayy better than the first one. :) <333

    • Anonymous

      no it anit

      • abbie

        well said

    • your mum

      you fucking gimp

  • Cravid


    • Cravid

      Your mum.

      • Cravid

        I LOVE MY MUMMY.

  • http://windows Rossana Cruz

    I Love You is Music
    melhor Musica de Riahnna e eminem

  • iwan

    I like the song….

  • Anonymous

    just had an eargasm

  • Brina.

    Thank yu so much!
    @Anonymus – I had eargasm too! :D

  • http://mieimiplacecanteculacesta alina

    mie imi place cantecul acesta cu rihanna

  • http://mieimiplacecanteculacesta alina

    ola senioritas che pasa

  • http://cevaplacevouacanteculsau........................................................................................................baietiiiii????? andreia

    daca vreti emailul meu vil dau sa ma conoasteti mai bn si mai mult si sa fim prieteni adica cum se zise vrei sa fiti prieteni cu mine prietena sau prietenla reevedere si sau nu uitati dumini ca o sa vina mos craciun pe la voi pe la noi pe la toata lumea adica numai la copii nu si la parinti va pup

  • Sheela ki jawani

    ya it’s relly gud..

  • anne

    love it!!!1

  • viniee

    wil kill to get da 1st copy ov this song lol

  • http://music mira gold

    This song is amazing. Her voice along with the soft play of the beat is oustanding. This version is more detailed and easier to understand. The lyrics are beautiful. I listen to this song at least three times a day <3 <3 <3

  • double man
  • roary

    sik song so proud of ya rihanna!

  • http://ilovethesissong kajal

    i love thes is song

  • http://ilovethesissong kajal

    i love thes is song love you rihanna

  • http://ilovethesissong kajal

    oooooooooooooo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaa nnnnnnnnnnnnnneeee eeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd dddddddd()((((((( (((((/////? ???????////??????????????

  • hehehehehe

    this song is realy very nyc…..its awsm . its my bfs caler tune.

  • khashix


  • TFA17

    this is reallly gooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iPre3tiz

    eminem should’ve had said more…

  • sara

    for real its nice and it’s vedio tooo but in my opinion i think rihanna should’ve sing more

  • deniz

    eminem is perfeeeect!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This song is doooooooooooope

    • kickinass

      your a stupid ass bitch

  • http://facebook michael Asiedu

    i love the song ………..

  • http://facebook michael Asiedu

    love this song

  • savianus

    bajingan josss mantep coy

  • jhomd esmit camargo


    • jhomd esmit camargo


  • jster

    eminem is the greatest shit man im listening to his song stan it is dope

    • Anonymous

      eminem is the greatest shit man im listening to his song stan it is dope

      • Anonymous

        love it

  • hossein

    geda bataridi.rihananin gharib amjaii var tu sikim onun gotun man uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy

  • alvee


  • eminem slim

    ilove this soooooooong eminem is best raper

  • eminem slim

    who is love eminem

  • eminem slim

    hay where is every body

  • eminem slim


    • Anonymous

      fuck u son of a freaking bloody fucked up whorry bitch…………..

  • aaa

    love it

  • anmol gurung…frm “d.j”

    thaNx to DiS wEbsiT3….Dat i Get mY msT faV s0nG…..
    thAnZ olt…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyn

    Somebody tell me what could be the correct translations of “the way you lie” into Spanish or an explaination of what it means. It’s so confusing for me. Thank you so much!!

    • spikeclow

      La manera en la que mientes.

  • Кирилл

    отличная песня

  • juvelyn Espino

    ds s my favorite song…luv 8.

  • H.G

    Faaaaaaaaaaasinating !!!!!!!

  • http://google prince khan

    eminem is d best rapper.. god f rap… the almighty………… love u sshady

  • Emanon

    This is a good song… And Em is the best ever, even Wayne said it.

    • Anonymous

      Lil wayne said that?

  • Maryam

    love it

  • kickinass


  • Hale


  • gooooooooooooooooooooooooood thank

  • nelxn

    Em’s always been good and what a nice combination with rihanna. Truly they’re going places.

  • alphy viper

    what the FUCK!!!!……this DAMN song RocKZZZ!!!!

  • danny

    Keren Cock

  • angel

    luv dis song…. it rockxxxzzzzz.. <3

  • sherwin


  • herlenuska

    rihanna MY LIFE … I LOVE RIHANNA

  • Anonymous

    if you listen closly to the very beginning of the song there is this creepy voice sayin something like death is coming or the end is coming

    • Alexiinaa

      ikr its just weird was creeped out as well..

  • torri casey

    love love love

  • http://gmail vishal

    i love dis songs ……..
    me gusta mucho este cancion …

  • Christopher johnson

    ayyye love dis song

  • ritika chawla

    this song rocxxx

  • hamsal

    it’s a very lifting song by em i love em’

  • anita

    loved this song and love you all
    from iran

  • sahar

    hi.i am from iran we love yuo pmc!

  • Shudipto Ishmam

    Its the most delightful song i have ever heard.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GAIL


  • Anonymous

    love you em

  • Anonymous

    eminem is the best there has ever been

  • Nightmare Utsha

    This Song Is My Favourite Song In The World

  • Sai Lao Onee

    I verry verry infinity mega love this fucking soung

  • Anonymous

    right good song by jordan

  • allen

    I’m a big fan of RIHANNA and I like her the way she’ve sang

  • allen

    I luv the way she’ve sang


    ITS ECXEPTIONAL………………. :*

  • Ghompoz

    why i cant download that?