Starfucker - Reptilia (pre-order now available)

Starfucker - Reptilia (pre-order now available)

Out of Portland, Oregon -- and, one of my favorite bands -- is the aptly named group, Starfucker. They'll make their latest attempt to stick that name into mainstream with a new album out on March 8th, which you're perfectly capable of pre-ordering here.

They're an indie-electro version and I'd venture to say that they're a little like MGMT or Passion Pit, without the immediate success, lame hooks, ridiculous employment of falsetto or general cheesiness. Of course, I'm not, the previous sentence is completely unbiased. Just believe me when I say, Starfucker is better.

You should give these guys a try. I've been all to proud to throw them onto various speakerboxes when the party calls for some sort of crowd pleaser. Below, is their first single off the new album and a couple tracks from their previous efforts.


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