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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “WINGS” [VIDEO]

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are back with visuals for the track “Wings”. Now, this isn’t your typical sneaker-head hip-hop track. There’s much more substance to this particular track and that becomes evident now that the video has been released. I’ll let you judge the content but I will mention that, in order to make this video; Macklemore’s fans raised over $20,000 just to make sure they could pull off the video the way it was envisioned. After watching the video; you can say it definitely paid off. This is a personal story from Macklemore so be prepared to listen and think. Enjoy.

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      MacklemoreRyan Lewis - Wings
Download: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Wings

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Comments to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “WINGS” [VIDEO]

  • cheese

    nice track. makes me think of sage francis and particularly ‘narcissist.’

  • macklemorefan

    sooooooooo good!!