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Major Lazer – Live at Notting Hill Carnival (Stream)

4 years ago written by

Ahhh I just couldn’t resist this one. The last Diplo set got alotta luvin and this, although it is Diplo + Switch transforming into their dastardly alter ego Major Lazer, is just as big, huge, wonderful, loud, bass heavy and vibey as any set from either individually.

Some of the tunes they drop are definitely done for the London crowd, classic garage and 2 step galore! If you’ve never made it down to a Major lazer show make sure you do it, for your kids, for yourself, for the future generations, for the environment… whatever, the energy is like nothing else and these gents know how to play a crowd like a fcked up bassed out harp. 

Rbma have also embarked on a world tour, 3 cities down 7 to go, including Toronto, Detroit and NY. Check a wee intro vid below and hit up the official site HERE




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Comments to Major Lazer – Live at Notting Hill Carnival (Stream)

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  • mandi

    so kinda gotta have this mix….why is redbull such a hater..

    • Anonymous

      ha dunno if it is red bull, pretty sure it is the licensing of the tracks. blame the labels!

      • californiacornbread

        Yeah…. those mean labels… ;-)