INDIE SABBATH Welcome back my fellow music connoisseurs, to this weeks edition of the Indie Sabbath, your Earmilk source for the freshest indie music from folk to rock and every fusion in between.  This week we have another always enjoyable selection of the finest indie music being released all over the world. Now you might be saying to yourself, "What the hell? It isn't Saturday and the Indie Sabbath, as we all know, is clearly on Saturday. My dog Sparky died, my girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with me, and I just want get off on some sweet indie tunes!" My friends I must admit, that I have failed you this week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to provide you (and myself for that matter) with an uplifting selection of awesome indie music. The weekly offering of inspiring songs and musicianship to let you know that, yes, there is something special in this world, it may not be God, or the Spaghetti Monster, and maybe Scientology isn't for you, but there is indeed something in this world to hold on to,  and that my friends, is the wonderfully beautiful thing we call indie music. So, here it is! A few days late, but better late then never, am I right? I assure you we will get back to the normal schedule starting next week, so be not afraid, Saturday remains the Sabbath around here. Now, I will rant no-more, and get (almost) straight into this weeks selection of sweet sweet melodies.  I have been paying attention to the amazing feedback from the great listeners/readers of the Indie Sabbath, and I promise I have taken all of it into consideration. That being said, starting next week I will feature a new Indie Album of the Week, where I will search high and low to pick what I think is the best release of that week in the indie music world. I will also try to provide you with as many samples of that album as I can, though I always encourage supporters of independent and emerging bands to get out there and BUY the albums, go to the live shows, and to help these starving artists out a bit, I hope to entice you with a dynamic selection of songs from that album in hopes that you can really get into the listening experience. But, let us begin this week's (short but satisfying) adventure! First up we have Air Review, the Dallas indie rock quartet are back with the follow up to their acclaimed debut album released in late '09. Their newest EP, America's Son maintains the textured ambient folk-rock this band has become well-known for. Soft spoken vocals and an innocent charm embody the newest release from this ambitious Dallas group. If you are into the charming indie-folk vets Herman Dune I can assure you that you will love the newest release from the ambitious singer-songwriter and member of Polka Dot Dot Dot, Jordan Smith, better known on-stage as, Jordan O'Jordan. Elegant harmonies in "Lever Leave Here" and lyrics poking fun at life's mundane events, evoke an honest and heart warming sound. Minimal drums and snaps, follow the vocals in a jazzy, rim-shot, and soft cymbal pattern. Lo-fi pop songwriter Chad Matheny better known as Emperor X is releasing his album Western Teleport on Bar/None Records. His soft, melodic style is reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, with an incredible ability to write solid pop songs, with catchy hooks, all the while maintaining a lo-fi textured and undefinable uniqueness.  Enjoy the groovey bass in "Canada Day" or the infectious and organic "Erica Western Teleport". San-Francisco group Dominant Legs led by male-female duo Ryan Lynch and Hannah Hunt bring back their infectious pop ballads with the release of their sophomore album Invitation just last week. The uptempo synth laden track "Hoop of Love" captures the incredibly catchy and cheery vibe of the duo and marks an increasing ability to create incredibly well crafted and appealing pop music. Portland based Radiation City dream pop outfit just recently released their second album The Hands That Take You, bringing to it a timeless and unmatched fusion of lo-fi pop, rock, with elements of blues sprinkled throughout. Epic and anthemic at times, as you will hear in "Park" one of the tracks off their newest effort, the group takes you on a journey through time with a 60's inspired prom ballad. In keeping with the dream pop, we have California based Dum Dum Girls' follow up to their critically acclaimed album I Will Be from 2010, with another inspiring, reverb soaked album called Only In Dreams, recently released on Sub Pop. Innocent acoustic folk from Alessi's Ark, evokes a down tempo but cheery and organic release from charming UK singer-songwriter, Alessi Laurente-Marke, who is a mere 21 years old, but already has seven releases under her belt. Canadian indie-folk, gospel-rock outfit the Bruce Peninsula return with their second full length album, Open Flames. Having recently seen this band live as they tour in support of their new album, I couldn't help but share this amazing track, blending indie rock with a folk twist along with epic, textured and explosive songwriting the album is an incredible release from the hard-working group. Hearty group vocals, melodic guitars and heart pounding percussion mark the groups signature sound at an all new impressive level. No that is not a typo, San Francisco based Wooden Shjips (silent "j") has at last released their first studio full-length on Thrill Jockey. Fusing psychedelic and surf the band has created some buzz in the Cali music scene with their catchy indie rock, heavy on fuzzy distortion and steady snare driven drumbeats. In "Lazy Bones", the lo-fi bass hums along while the distant snare holds down the tempo and the cymbals splash along, the minimal vocals drenched in reverb soar above the steady instrumentation, with a mellow vibe this song has the potential to send you into a trance. Colin Huebert former member of the Canadian folk favorites Great Lake Swimmers takes on his own project with Siskiyou, collaborating with current Great Lake Swimmers member Erik Arnesen. The group is set to release their debut and from what I has been revealed, Siskiyou exhibit a whole lot of potential. Their folk infused indie-rock shows extremely dynamic songwriting, their track "Twigs and Stones" is an honest ballad, starting softly leading up to an epic celebration, complete with a horn section and powerful vocals. That wraps up this weeks edition of the Indie Sabbath, thanks for checking it out! As I said before, I will return to the normal schedule for next weeks edition, and I hope you will join me again. Follow me at @nheuvingh, feel free to comment on this weeks selection or offer any suggestions and join us again next week (SATURDAY) exclusively on Earmilk for another offering of awesome indie tunes!

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