D.V.S* - Coming Up For Air [2LP][Album Review]

D.V.S* - Coming Up For Air [2LP][Album Review]
Brooklyn based guitarist/producer D.V.S* has just released a 30 track audial journey that will take you from the dance floor to the bedroom. Now, Coming Up For Air is a double album roller coaster that you won't want to get off of. Volume 1 (DUSK) showcases 15 dancefloor oriented jams in styles of hiphop, dubstep, electrofunk, and moombaton. Oxygen is one of my favorite tracks from Dusk: the tempo and energy that is released in the track will get anyone's legs moving... Yea I'm looking at you gramps! Volume 2 (dawn) illuminates the more relaxed side of D.V.S*, with several guest musicians spread out over 15 introspective downtempo tracks. "Bright Beginings" is a track that I could wake up every morning to and know that I'll have a good day...and know that things will be alright. Dusk has a lot of offerings for when you want to just chill and take it all in. The vitality of the New York City / Brooklyn lifestyle can be felt in every track, and each tune can be dissected over and over, producing new emotions and discoveries each time... just like navigating the cityscape. Get your dancing kicks on or grab your favorite bad habit and unwind.... Coming Up For Air will fill your lungs, ears, and entire body with a feel good sensation that you won't want to quit. Visit D.V.S*  to grab both digital albums today.... as always.... Enjoy!

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