Boy Friend - "Egyptian Wrinkle"

Boy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle
Girls who can work experimental music and loop you into their dreamworld are hypnotizing. Right away, one band that comes from the top of my head is Sleep ∞ Over. If you combine sounds of Cocteau Twins and ex-members of Sleep ∞ Over, the coalition makes Boy Friend. Boy Friend is a new duo formed by best friends Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown. They have a debut album titled Egyptian Wrinkle on February 6th 2012 via Hell, Yes!.The album was recorded in a warm Texan environment so we expect nothing but toasty, quixotic vibes. Since February is a few months away, Boy Friend has released the album's title track, "Egyptian Wrinkle".  It begins with a pleasant entrance which eases into a blurred chorus and a downward spiral at 1:20. The psychedelic ambiance and euphonic voices create an endless path in our mind, sort of like the diamond on the cover art. Egyptian Wrinkle Tracklist: 1. Rogue Waves I 2. Bad Dreams 3. Lovedropper 4. In Case 5. Lazy Hunter 6. Egyptian Wrinkle 7. Breathe 8. The Lair 9. The False Cross 10. Rogue Waves II @Banacrisp /


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