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Introducing: Fire For Effect [Seapunk]

4 years ago written by

Here at Earmilk not only do we love bringing you the freshest new tunes from genres you love, but we also like exposing new emerging genres. Seapunk is a funky, bass and juke like genre that uses samples from video games and other sea like movies, music, etc. Fire For Effect is a Los Angeles based Sea Punk producer and loves the sound of liquid, tranquil, and ocean sounds. It’s very difficult to describe what Seapunk exactly is. Either way these tunes are fresh, so have a listen. Check out Coral Records if you want more.

Fire For Effect (DJ’s under Ultra Demon) also did a mix for Mishka.

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Comments to Introducing: Fire For Effect [Seapunk]

  • Fleabane

    Chrome Lion is actually originally a Unicorn Kid song.

    • dick swab

      yeah its a remix you fucking ponce

  • smuthe_hank

    sounds like something steve zissou would have on one of his videos when they’re diving