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Dancing Dead – Month 4

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I am Naeleck from Lethe; once, I was a human being with the foolish dream of becoming the best DJ in the world, but – I’ve since become deceased.

I’m not quite sure about what happened, and I can’t remember shit about my past life. What I do know is, that during the night, I look anything but human and I can’t appreciate your polished music. Instead, what many would call “noise” brings me satisfaction. Luckily, as some would say, it seems that despite “my taste” and having curse-like characteristics, many other human beings seem to also have this perversion in music. So every month I will share my affliction to those who have grown tired of following the day walkers, the straight and narrow. This is not for the squeamish — huge beats, dirty basslines and heavy leads full of distortion.

So that said, here we are, Dancing Dead, Month 4, also featured on Taku Takahashi‘s Radio,


Owl Vision – Moloch (KATFYR Remix)
Felguk – Blow Out (Lazy Rich‘s Impossible Remix)
Lazy Rich – You Missed A Spot (Original Mix)
Kill The Noise – She Likes To Party (Original Mix)
Zedd – Stars Come Out (Original Mix)
Dada Life – Happy Violence (Original Mix)
Congorock – Ivory (Original Mix)
Bart B More & Harvard Bass – The Dark One (Original Mix)
You Killing Me – Can’t Stop (Heazer Remix)
Kolt 13 – Love At the Speed of Light (Autodidakt Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots – Church Of Noise (Diplo Remix)
Far Too Loud – Megaloud (Original Mix)
Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive (Original Mix)
Kredo – Foolish Data (Original Mix)
Koan Sound – The Edge (Original Mix)

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
– Friedrich Nietzsche “Beyond Good and Evil”, Aphorism 146 (1886)

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Once an human being with foolish dreams. Now deceased and yet behave as if alive.



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Comments to Dancing Dead – Month 4

  • Shihaby

    Not as good as your previous lists, but good nonetheless!

    Thanks for the entertainment!

    • Naeleck Von Lethe

      I can understand that. It’s also air on radio and because of the
      deadline I had only 2 weeks to find new bangers for this one when I use
      to have a month. Thx anyway !

  • Adam Cooper

    Ohman these are all so good…

  • Reythapimp1988

    the first month was so groundbreaking…idk if it will ever live up to that

  • geometrybot

    makes my month. greattt list.

  • skiiiskiiimon

    NWA-F**k the Police (Figure Bootleg)
    dope dubstep, youtube it

  • Annemarie M Chartier

    All of the months are so captivating, this probably has to be one of my favorites though. I was so happy to see you throw in the Bloody B, Zedd, EVEN Koan Sound! Ah so many amazing Dj’s that you chose to collaborate into your mixing. I can’t stop showing everyone I know these mixes, ha ha also really good music to listen to while I’m gaming! Thank you Nae. ♥