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Adventure Club [Earmilk Exclusive + Interview]

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Adventure Club played to a high-energy crowd at Cobra in London on November 27. Adventure Club produces slow, harmonizing dubstep that often revolves around remixes of relaxed songs with a soft drop and a soothing female vocal combined in the mix. I managed to catch up with duo, who hail from Montreal, and catch them in their hotel room to ask them a few questions about their music, their latest video, how they like their eggs and a whole bunch more goodies.

Not only is Adventure Club rumoured to be coming out with a new EP soon, they also have branded clothes coming on Myron’s Fine Garmets. Adventure Club will also be making playlists of the newest and hottest dubstep to be featured monthly on Earmilk.

So want a brand *spanking* new free remix from Adventure Club?

To top this post off, Adventure Club has given Earmilk an exclusive new remix of Metric’s “Collect Call.” Metric’s smooth vocals are turned into the climax of an amazing drop as Adventure Club adds a perfect amount of deep bass.  Since Adventure Club loves their fans and Earmilk so much we’re giving you this new remix, strictly Earmilk exclusive and free to download. Show your support by giving Adventure Club a like on Facebook.

      Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)
Download: Metric – Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)

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Comments to Adventure Club [Earmilk Exclusive + Interview]

  • Matt Brisson

    link is broken :(

    • Andrew Van Boogard

      You right-click and hit download link file as…

  • geometrybot


  • Silence Nogood

    Their shit is a lot more melodic than Skrillex… which dubstep is in NEED of.  

    • Dranoel

      Silence Nogood, nice to see another blog! :) Completely agreed, their music is a flash back to how dubstep was in the UK, slow and full of bass. This song is amazing work.

  • Dranoel

    Still not working for anyone? Works perfectly fine for me? For those it’s not working for – Mac or PC? Working on any mac tried on. 

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  • somesortofmusic.

    Adventure Club is unreal. I swear every track they put out has well over a thousand plays on my iPod.
    Wicked interview man, thanks for that.

    • Dranoel

      somesortofmusic. another sick blog! thanks man, appreciate it. 

  • Mysticpr0

    Gooooooooooooood shit <3

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  • OperationItem9

    damn, wish i knew they were playing in london -.-

  • Someone

    when i click the download link, it leads to a greyish page with only a player
    how do I download that awesome song? :D

    • Dranoel

      it means your using a mac I imagine, right click on the link and click “Download linked file,” Let me know if you have anymore troubles.

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  • Brandon

    Love the blog, but seriously, check your audio levels before posting a video. I could barely hear anything they were saying. :(

    • Dranoel

      I agree, we actually had a boom mike surprisingly enough in the room at the time but the audio was just a little blurry when we ended up editing the video and all, but thanks for the advice! I’ll make sure my next interview has spectular audio of my interviewee talking. 

  • Adventure Club Dubstep Fan

    great Interview yet again Earmilk. Love the song too. I mentioned your interview in my blog =) 

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