Suicide Sundaes - Week 86

Suicide Sundaes - Week 86
Suicide Sundaes - stop your grinnin' and drop your linen. Every Sunday, electblake of Earmilk will bring you the weeks dirty servings, and some old favorites through a throwdown-throwback to simpler times. A time when bangers were big, remixes were bigger, the bassline bled, and we didn't care about anything as long as came in kicking and left screaming. To hell with sketchy Sunday, we want to shove another dragon down the hole. Where the hell have I been? It may be pure ego but I like to think I'm a pretty empathetic person, and if I were you I'd be wanting an answer to that question. The answer is pretty simple, Earmilk has been growing and I spend a lot of time behind the scenes. Tools, Development, Organization, Keeping the Lights On etc. I know I know, that is not an excuse, but it's what I've used as an excuse to duck my responsibilities to you - the electro fan. I've ducked so far below the radar, I actually had a young chap by the name of Greg Belasco, hit me up and help me fill out this week. In the end, this week is a mix of both of us (so we'll be judged together) but, hopefully, if everyone likes what they hear Greg can continue to lend his ear into the pit of what we all want in our sundays - electro. This fretful sunday see some classics & some new jives I bet you'll like. For instance, Greg brought back the Jungle Fiction remix of Cassette Culture, which I love. We also have the apparent winner of the Cold Blank remix contest - The Damn Bell Doors - who (if you've been paying attention) will know I've called out numerous times for their class, qual, and kicks. There are a few things I need to do with Earmilk as an organization first, and hopefully a) you'll see what I've been doing b) I will have more time (and the patience required) to bring you more of my musical curative courage.




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