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Dancing Dead – Month 5

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2012. Two years already since I died and eight before the end.

I am Naeleck from Lethe; I died on January 2010 and since then I have ten years to become the best DJ in the world. It was my dream when still alive, but this is not likely to be now and “the one I made a pact with” is the only one to know what will happen if I don’t.

During the night, I look anything but human and I can’t appreciate your polished music. Instead, what many would call “noise” brings me satisfaction. Luckily, many other human beings seem to also have this perversion in music. So every month I share here my affliction to those who have grown tired of following the day walkers, the straight and narrow. This is not for the squeamish — huge beats, dirty basslines and heavy leads full of distortion. I want to start this new year by giving away my last remix I did with Oddity for New York’s rapper D’Secret Svc. This is out on Coco Machete Records and some of you may have already bought it, but for the others here’s a 320kbp/s mp3.

      D Secret SVC - Tight Jeans (Naeleck%20%20Oddity Remix)
Download: D’ Secret SVC – Tight Jeans (Naeleck & Oddity Remix)

And well I guess you’re here for Dancing Dead so here we are, Month 5.


Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf – Nuclear War (Original Mix) – Exclusive
Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf – Bomb Distaster (Original Mix) – Exclusive
Tommy Trash – Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll (Original Mix)
Zedd – Slam The Door (Original Mix)
Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party – Antidote (Tommy Trash Remix)
Knife Party – Internet Friends (Dancing Dead Edit)
Fast Foot – Protect Animals (Lazy Rich Remix)
Owl Vision – Moloch (Vengeance Remix)
Cold Blank – Redroid (Original Mix)
Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner – The Devil’s Den (Original Mix)
Tim Berg – Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix)
Sound Of Stereo – Diamond (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
80kidz – Voice (Baroque Remix)
The Groove Shadows – The Joker (Naeleck Remix)

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
– Friedrich Nietzsche “Beyond Good and Evil”, Aphorism 146 (1886)

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Once an human being with foolish dreams. Now deceased and yet behave as if alive.



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Comments to Dancing Dead – Month 5

  • Corey Alexander

    hi im corey I used to be an egyptian prince but now that I’m a mummy I must create an electro album that rocks the world or my mummy gods will unwrap me

    • Naeleck Von Lethe

      Cool, it’s nice to hear that mummy gods do like electro. 

  • Shane Tollman Morris

    Seriously, Naeleck, I fucking love you dawg.

  • Annemarie M Chartier

    Ahh finally it’s here!!! I have been waiting, gonna download this right now along with Tight Jeans, which thank you so much for that Nae~! I can’t wait to hear this months transitions, really nice to see Skrillex on here too! I had a feeling Month 5 would have Skrillex mixed in somewhere. ♥

  • Shihaby

    Unless Colonel Sanders is an electro producer, I think you meant Fast Foot.

  • Shihaby

    Unless Colonel Sanders is an electro producer, I think you meant Fast Foot.

  • Anonymous

    This shit was awesome! I’m sure my apartment neighbor hated me for my 30 minute+ foot tapping!

  • えぴこ

    一か月待ってましたっ(>ω<*)ノ 今回も相変わらず渋くて素敵~~!

  • Zackgeisler

    Pure ecstasy

  • Naeleck Fan

    This has been a solid source, every month. Thank you. 

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