Skrillex - "My Good Bye"

Skrillex - My Good Bye

After being nominated for 5 Grammies and taking home 3, including Best Remix for "Cinema", Skrillex is on a roll with his success right now. Although Skrillex did not win "Best New Artist", it has not deterred him and he has released a brand new track. "My Good Bye" is a soft pop track that lacks Skrillex's typical grime and filth. I can't say really how I feel about this new track except for that it's growing on me. When I first listened to the new track I expected to hear the usual filthy dubstep you would find in a new Skrillex track. Instead I was listening to Sonny singing as to what seems to be a lulaby.

(Sorry, track was asked to be removed)

Skrillex seems to be trying new sounds and I can't blame an artist for experimenting. Give this new track a listen and leave a comment telling Earmilk what you think?

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