Nite Jewel - "In The Dark"

Nite Jewel - In The Dark

California artist Night Jewel released a new single, "In The Dark", from her upcoming album One Second Of Love set to release March 6, 2012 on Secretly Canadian.  I don't know why but when listening to this song my initial response was "when is there going to be a remix?" With the infectious chorus chant of "Holdin hands in the dark, hold my hands up in the dark" I have visions of a house build and thousands of event lovers holding their hands up in the dark waiting for a drop. But unfortunately I have not been able to unearth such a remix. On the other hand I am very intrigued by this song. With her typical dream pop sound toned done with slower leads and more repetitive rhythms on this track. Not something that is typically flattering in a dream pop sound, yet here it is and causes the lyrics to carry with more resonance and impact. The song leaves waiting for more and looking forward to her full release.  Check the song out below along with another single off her upcoming release.


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