DWNTWN - "Believe Me" (The Premix) [Video]

DWNTWN - Believe Me (The Premix) [Video]

Late last night, I got an email from a band that calls themselves DWNTWN. I had never heard of the duo, which consists of Robert Cepeda and Jamie Leffler. I wasn't sure at all what to expect but I am always intrigued by a new band, especially one that I have never heard of even in conversation with other indie music fans. After watching their latest video for the song "Believe Me (The Premix)", I became quite interested. The video was made for a whopping $85 with friends. It was filmed during a boat party that the duo had one evening and then they mixed and edited it themselves. The song is a basically a thrashing, bassy dance/techno song but because of Leffler's vocals, a pop quality can't be argued with. The electronics are pretty basic but terribly catchy at the same time. Although dance music isn't really my thing, I think this duo might stand out among the crowd mainly attributed to the combination of the intense electronics and ethereal female vocals. 


Pop, Techno, Synth Pop


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