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Slugabed – “Molecules”

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Slugabed knows bass music. He knows it so well that he made the ballsy move of entitling his latest single “Sex”. And to be honest, he’s kind of pulling it off. The “Sex” single features the title track, two remixes from Daedelus and Groundislava adding their appealing signature sounds, and a B-side, “Molecules”. While all of the tracks here are worthwhile, I thought I’d go with posting the B-side — it’s easy to ignore a track called “Molecules” when it’s surrounded by all that distracting “Sex” appeal (I’m sure my choice of image for this post isn’t helping in that department), but subtly, it’s a standout. The single will be available for purchase April 9 on the illustrious Ninja Tune

      02 - Slugabed - Molecules
Stream: Slugabed – Molecules

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  • Pedrin

    oh man, the best master piece ever