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Azealia Banks – “Fuck Up The Fun”

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Ever since the release of the questionable yet delightfully addictive song “212,” Harlem rapper, singer & overall badass Azealia Banks has been steadily gaining popularity that doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. A rugged and tough attitude plays a big part in all of Azealia Bank’s songs and in “Fuck Up The Fun,” every little bit of it is showcased. Apart from her precise flow, Ms. Banks has one other great quality about her music, that being that she makes everything sound very believable; which propels “Fuck Up The Fun” from being a gimmicky intimidation to a genuine threat.



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Comments to Azealia Banks – “Fuck Up The Fun”

  • Ant_on_io

    nah, she cant be tough even if she tries…

  • shy noyhs

    her and joey badass would make a sick track