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Daily 2% – Chilled and Ready to Serve [See-I]

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Today’s delivery is brought to you by SEE-I. Now, I feel it’s a little strange to drop a reggae track when we are only 2 days away from the holiday which, of course, we will be doing a featured post on. But, anytime you listen to SEE-I, you are forced to take some type of action whether it be dancing or sharing. All i can do, for now, is the latter as I spread their sound to those of you that may be unfamiliar. This DC based band has been producing great live reggae jams for more than a decade but really didn’t appear on my radar till I heard their  2011 self-titled album. Their overall sound is best described as a mixture of the sound of roots reggae and the style of the group Thievery Corporation. It’s very worldy yet still maintains a grounding in the sounds of Jamaica. Now, the track I’m brining to you today is called “Talkin’ About the Peace”. Its a track with about 3 “acts” that comes off effortlessly considering the groups ability to create that jam session sound. Also i’m including the remixed version of the track from Ancient Astronauts which gives the original a very dubbed out take. You can grab the remix version on SEE-I’s SEE-I Remixed album. Check out the track(s) and chill…

      05 Talkin About the Peace
Download: See-I – Talkin’ About the Peace

      05 Talkin About the Peace (Ancient Astronauts remix)
Download: See-I – Talkin’ About the Peace (Ancient Astronauts remix)

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