Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

It's that time of year again. Time to put the kids to bed and pull out the trees because today it's all about caring less than you ever will on any other day. A joyous time when everyone comes together to share a common interest and using it to enhance everything around them. A time when Mary Jane pops some cherries and shines down upon the world with a pocket full of gold. This embodiment of freeing the human soul becomes ever more sacred with the sound of music at your ear while you puff that happy stick. You can't help but draw a connection between music and the most holy of all plants. That combination of music and weed will forever be joined at the root. So today, we at EARMILK, are telling everyone out there to chill out, listen to some good music and be good to your neighbors.

Happy 4/20 from us all.


Mad Professor - "What's Going On?" (Live Marvin Gaye Mix) 




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