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Dubbel Dutch – “No Futuro”

4 years ago written by

Not only can The Beatles master a middle eastern instrument like the Sitar, but so can Dubbel Dutch of Austin, Texas. This composer likes to put his own touch on all of his tunes. Nothing sounds the same, ever. If I were to give this sound a name I would of called it “Sitarbahton.” It has a reggeaton beat and a descending sitar dance sound. At first listen I really felt this was one of the most unique dance bangers I’ve heard. It’s very melodic. Dubbel Dutch is on a UK/EU tour currently with people like the LOL Boys and Brenmar as we speak, so make sure to catch these guys when they roll into town.

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Comments to Dubbel Dutch – “No Futuro”

  • Saad Chughtai

    Isn’t the artist’s name spelt ‘dubbel dutch’?