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Kitten – “Cut It Out” [Video Premiere]

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Music Videos have turned into somewhat of an enigma these fateful days, often used as a simple gimmick to promote a track rather than to express true artistic vision. Too often do we find ourselves staring at yet another theatrical presentation of a song that simply pans in and out in slow motion, shot with an SLR and edited to look “Edgy” — yet, there’s still wonderful productions coming out each week, you just have to dig through the hog wash before landing a gem.

The latest release from LA based Indie Pop/Rock group Kitten is gem status, and with girls painted in gold, nightclubs and dancing — there’s not much to complain about. Loosely inspired by early John Hugh’s flicks, their video for hit single “Cut It Out” is a delight, contrasting the gritty side of the nightlife in LA with the fantasies of the imaginary. Shot primarily in alleys and parts of LA underground hot spot The Smell, the aesthetics bode well to the up beat yet down-to-earth feel the track exemplifies, remaining honest while exuding confidence.

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The video marks yet another milestone leading up the the Cut It Out EP, set for release August 28th. The band is pushing for a full record release in January.

For hipster cred, follow these guys before everyone else is talking about them:

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Comments to Kitten – “Cut It Out” [Video Premiere]

  • carnetta jones

    yahoo!!! very cool story-music video!!!!

  • carnetta jones

    very cool story=music video!!!!! yahoo way to go kitten and your fabulous production team tiger tiger aka Hana and Jenny! yall gurls rocked the house!!!! and went thru the ceiling! Stellar!!!