Hollie Cook - "That Very Night Dub"

Hollie Cook - That Very Night Dub

Hollie Cook has got music in her blood. She is the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and her mother Jeni Cook sang in The Culture Club. Her roots are deep in British punk, however she is walking down a different path now. Her 2011 self-titled album was a huge success in the reggae world - although Hollie labels her own music as tropical pop not reggae. Her voice is effortlessly cool, jazzy and a bit melancholy.

The music is pleasantly whimsical and bobs up and down like a boat on a calm ocean. Her newest album, Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook in Dub has an interesting sound - a dark jazzy dub record. Here is "That Very Night Dub", and the original version "That Very Night." Cheers to Hollie Cook for mixing it up and giving us some freshness.



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