Scott Pilgrim - "Right Here" (Remix)

Scott Pilgrim - Right Here (Remix)

Who would have thought taking the two softest guys in the game right now and slowing them down would have such an effect on a wack song? I wonder if DJ Screw is rolling around in his grave right now? Second thought I think all of Houston is rolling around to be honest, but our good friend Scott Pilgrim from Toronto, Canada has achieved the almost impossible, making a listenable, chilled out, screwed and chopped remix of the new Bieber track: "Right Here". I don't want to say it, but if I listen to this song anymore I may become a Bieleber myself.. kill me. 

Anyways, Scott Pilgrim not a pseudonym has been creating slowed down, screwed and chopped beats for a couple years now and I'd like to drop some of it for your ears. Take a listen below and let's all try not to be fans of Bieber... plz. 

P.S. Listen to his Peaches Remix, the 13 minute mark is a Miguel - Adorn slow down and honestly.. I cried

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