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#Mashup Monday – Week 68

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Mashup Monday – We’re back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop you’re searching and instead settle down at your computer… turn up your speakers… and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let’s GO!

Another Monday, another premiere on EARMILK’s Mashup Monday. Last week, we had a new track by 3LAU and this week we have No Pets Allowed‘s The Hungover Games available for stream. With official release scheduled for tomorrow, No Pets graciously agreed to EARMILK having the capability to stream the continuing chapter in his popular 3-track EPs (these include The World’s Not Ending Yet and 808s and Spring Break). For this EP, NPA gives us some light EDM mashed together with Top 40 tracks that include samples from the likes of Pink, Chris Brown, Rihanna, One Direction, and more. It’s quite an enjoyable little project, so make sure you tune in to NPA’s soundcloud page for the download.

Outside of NPA’s EP project, I was especially fond of the mashes done by DJ Schmolli, Bars Deep, TeeTs,  and Mashup Germany. Schmolli utilizes the extremely popular “Lights” by Ellie Goulding with a nice touch of Maroon 5. It’s light-hearted, pairs extremely well together, and more importantly a great listen. Bars Deep sticks to his guns and combines old-school Tupac, with even older Jimi Hendrix, and some more current GRIZ. Definitely an interesting combination, but one that I think has extremely complementary sounds. TeeTs goes with my one of my favorite (sarcasm) singers – Katy Perry – and (thankfully) makes her better with Madeon‘s excellent new track “Finale”. Fortunately, Katy doesn’t seem to ruin Madeon’s track so kudos to TeeTs for the pairing. And for Mashup Germany? It’s very rare for one to go wrong with the sound that Mashup Germany has come to master. There is an eclectic assortment of samples but the continuity that Mashup Germany creates is what makes this mash stand out.

Final two tracks that I want to point out for consideration is a mashup done by a new artist to me, named mAGONe. People have expressed their wholehearted allegiance, or absolute disdain/loathe, for Skrillex but mAGONe really surprised me by pairing Skrillex with 30 Seconds to Mars. Skrillex doesn’t overpower the track with his dubstep sound, and 30 Seconds is an exceptional sample to use. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to hearing more 30 Seconds, so if you have any drop them in an email. And to end this week’s Mashup Monday, I use The Two Friends‘s “Both of Us Feel Good”. With a soft and pleasant intro employing some Calvin Harris and Black Eyed Peas before transitioning to Five For Fighting‘s “100 Years” overlaid on B.O.B and Taylor Swift‘s “Both of Us”. The Two Friends really outdid themselves with this one, so make sure you download this track and all the tracks you enjoy below.

Stream: No Pets Allowed – Raise The Music (Chris Brown x Pink x Kesha)

Download: DJ Schmolli – Payphone Lights

Stream: No Pets Allowed – Pressure (Rihanna Vocal Edit)

Download: Bars Deep – Cali Voodoo (GRIZ / 2Pac / Jimi Hendrix )

Stream: No Pets Allowed – Kid Icarus (Katy Perry x One Direction x Madeon)

Download: mAGONe – Fucking Hurricane (Skrillex & 30 Seconds To Mars)

Download: Mashup Germany – I did it my way

Download: TeeTs – Wide Awake for the Finale (Madeon x Katy Perry)

Download: snow patrol vs dj gnoc – Chasing Power (g4gorilla Mash)

Download: Afrojack x Steve Aoki – Rock The Beef House (Bring The Noise Bootleg)

Download: Outkast vs Dean Coleman & The Partysquad feat. Michael Bryan– I’m Back With Roses (g4gorilla Mash)

Download: The Two Friends – Both Of Us Feel Good (2F Mashup)

Download: DJ Schmolli – Endless Summer Of 69

Download: Ridgewood Social Club – 212 Rattle

Download: Usher Vs Mary J Blige & Drake – Wrong Climax (Robin Skouteris Mix)

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Comments to #Mashup Monday – Week 68

  • Johnny Gannalo

    FuCkin Sick!!!!!

  • Christian Davis

    Loved this weeks Mashup Monday!

  • Jesse Bloom

    great job with this one

  • Mike

    Loved it, will play this list on repeat for the rest of the work week.

  • Fergus hunt

    EARMILK is the fuckin BEST! 

  • DJ Schmolli

    Thanx again for your support Earmilk!! :)

  • DJ Schmolli

    Thanx for your support Earmilk! ;)

    • ScooB

      Awesome mashup, DJ Schmolli. Definitely my fav’s!! Can’t wait for more!

  • Levi

     city down under and sexual dubbing are a couple songs i heard on the floor a couple weeks ago and people seemed to love both of them, the dj looks at your posts and told me to come to EM and i agree i like a lot of the songs, but i im not diggin all the skrill and bootleg remixs of songs, that heavy beat with base dropping makes me want to shove screwdrivers in my ears, other then that remixs with BIG are always a hit out there

  • AvidFan

    can’t wait for another mashup monday!  when is the next one coming out?

  • Shorty2short411

    Love the Bring the Noise mashup. Thanks for all the free tracks? When can we expect new stuff for August?