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Pair of Arrows – “Vestige” [Premiere]

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Absolutely mesmerizing. These two words instantly come to mind as I listen to Pair of Arrows‘ new track titled “Vestige”. The track’s deep haunting undertones armed with the duo’s captivating vocals ultimately create the track’s passionate sound, delivering an impressive second single. For those new to Pair of Arrows, the duo consists of Swan (from Birdseye) and R/D. They met way back when Swan was busy doing vocal work for The Glitch Mob‘s “Between Two Points”.

Both impressed by the other’s talents, they joined together to create an equally impressive duo. Personally, I can hear myself listening to this track whenever I’m in a deep-thinking or philosophical mood, as the track seems to be tailor-made for that. Be on the lookout for future releases of Pair of Arrows, which includes a remix of Bon Iver‘s “Michicant” as well as completing the first half of their two-part debut album slated to be released this fall.

Download: Pair Of Arrows – Vestige

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Comments to Pair of Arrows – “Vestige” [Premiere]

  • Skooter

    So glad I randomly decided to filter and listen to indie chillout.
    This song is amazing.