Blind Benny - Goodness (Mohegan Son Remix) [Exclusive Premiere]

Blind Benny - Goodness (Mohegan Son Remix) [Exclusive Premiere]

Blind Benny (aka Jade ♥) has received a grip of remixes from some talented producers like Knifeshow, Different Sleep, and Mohegan Son. Featured today is a premiere of Knifeshow's remix - if you know anything about Mohegan's music you'll probably be expecting weighty, combustible club joints. But this tune is on a chilled tip, a syrupy screwed flavor that goes down smooth. Dreamy instrumentation and some sultry vocals/giggles continually remind you what a piece of ear candy this is. Betteryet Recordings was kind enough to offer an exclusive premiere so take a dip in something hot off the presses:

Also peep the original video of "No Honor" for a little remix context (it's a great tune to boot) as well as visuals for and a stream of the rest of the EP. It's all free and it's all good, so what are you waiting for?

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