The Club - Week 40

The Club - Week 40

This week features the top tracks from every genre that you'll find here on The Club. Whether you're into big room electro house or chilled out deep house, there's something here for everyone. Today we also introduce a new feature in partnership with (at the end of this post) that will ease the week long wait between The Club instalments. If you're a fan of how this week looks, let me know in the comments section! Now onto the music.



It's getting painfully obvious how over saturated the electro house market is right now with the same lead bass being reused again and again, so what I'm looking to include here are tracks that don't fit in with the rest. Anybody can recreate a Zedd bass patch but what really gets you noticed is being innovative and unique. Have a listen to some of the tracks here today and you'll see what I mean. While some still retain that heavy grinding bass, its become a game of less is more for some producers and the memory of "Epic" still seems to dominate young producers dreams of creating a song that has serious weight and longevity when compared to the cookie cutter productions we see released all too often.



It feels like trance is making a comeback. Or maybe it never left. I had never really given trance a shot before this year (I grew up on electro) but the way the scene has come together over the last few years the separations between genres are becoming less and less noticeable. Names like Sander van Doorn or Gareth Emery have transcended the stereotype of yesteryear's trance DJ and given rise to a new breed of progressive trance that has become one of the leading musical influences in modern dance music recently.



Brazilians know how to set the dance party standards high, which is why it comes as no surprise that Wehbba’s newly released club mix, “Safe House”, made it on The Club this week. It’s the type of track you expect right in the middle of any house DJ set when the intensity is at its peak. The buildup halfway through the track, and the drop that follows, gives us that adrenaline kick we all love that keeps us dancing. Coming off the recently released Toolroom Knights Brazil compilation  you can be sure to find more gems like this if you pick up the full release here.



If you plan on staying at the forefront of underground house music for a couple decades, you better adapt. Yousef has managed just that with tracks such as “Legacy” featuring none other than legendary Chicago house DJ Derrick Carter. But for something a little fresher from this British DJ, we’ve got a Hot Since 82 remix of “Beg” for you. With its deep thumping melody, and low pitched and slightly rugged vocals, this melodic tune gives off a bit of a darker vibe that will leave you begging for more.



I featured a small nu disco section a few months ago and it seemed like everyone loved it. So now its time to catch up with this Wavo playlist! We'll be switching up the genre each week to give you a regularly updated music source for anything and everything on The Club. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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