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Treekeeper – “me&u”

3 years ago written by

In my personal opinion, I feel the seasons have a massive stranglehold on the type of music I listen to daily. When it’s nice, sunny and warm out, I want to listen to nothing more than something fast, heavy, and loud. But it’s winter. That said, chillwave has taken over my life. Ask me why and I probably wouldn’t be able to give you a proper answer other than “It’s damn good this time of year…”

The track “me&u” by Bohemian Hype Cult beat maestro, Treekeeper, is a perfect blend of tropical, water-logged instrumental hip hop, with airy bass love tones. The high-pitched vocals are constructed in a way that would make anyone get up and vibe to the beat. Even while writing this I’ve listened to it four times through and I’ll probably put it on at least six more times before the day is over.

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