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Trevor Borden – Giants [EP]

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Santa Barbara’s Trevor Borden may have released his first EP (Giants) just a few days ago, but music is hardly something new to him. Growing up abroad, first in Portugal and then Tanzania, Borden has always been comfortable expressing himself musically.

Giants oozes a humble confidence, like the kind earned after a long solo journey. The intimate relationship he has with his music is audible, though it’s hard to escape the thought that he’s holding back on most of Giants’ tracks. Tracks like “The Light” and “Giants” are dying to be played around a raucous campfire or to be yelled while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Download: Trevor Borden – “The Light”

Maybe, then, the best way to ultimately consume and enjoy Giants is to listen, then add the songs to your musical acumen the next time you’re camping with a bottle of whiskey.

Trevor Borden is getting set to go on his first tour of the West Coast this summer. You can grab the rest of Giants on iTunes at the link below.

Download: Trevor Borden – “Giants”

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Comments to Trevor Borden – Giants [EP]

  • MarquetteMissus

    Ima holla at that boy!

  • MarquetteMissus

    Great tracks. Keep up the good work Trevor!

  • Justin Davis

    Awesome stuff, I’m all about this!

  • Trish Burton Pio

    how do I get your cd, I am a friend of your moms from high school and would love to buy your cd, please let me know where I can get it thank you and I love the music. The first one is my favorite

  • Sue Klein

    Looks like many will be seeking out ways to hear more from Trevor Borden. Yes!