River & Phoenix - Follow Your Dreams Pursue Your Nightmares [EP]

River & Phoenix - Follow Your Dreams Pursue Your Nightmares [EP]

Let's Play House is an underground label from New York which not only throws great parties around the city, but is also putting out some exciting house music. Having already released EPs from established producers like Toby Tobias and Runaway, one of the their latest releases sees River & Phoenix take on release #12 with a lovely deep house record with loads of love on the B-side.

"Follow Your Dreams Pursue Your Nightmares" is smooth deep house with an electro/nu-wave vibe. It features some nice bassline patterns that tips to the hypnotic side and doesn't lack groove one bit.

Lauer (part of Arto-Mwambe, Tuff City Kids and the Brontosaurus Label) is one of the highlights as his version just takes you to another world in exciting deep house fashion. His style of house is quite unique and he does a wonderful job on the remixing duties. The third remix is from Dead Rose Music Company of the UK. His take differs from all the rest with his early House approach, hence the remix name, "Dead Rose Music Company stuck in the 90s remix". This version has the formula for the dance floor written all over it: loud synth stabs, rolling bass lines, '90s-style drum machines, and a nice build-up to tie it all together.

Switching gears on the last two mixes, Tiago produces a slow burning, smooth, percussion-laden tune with plenty of dreamy, head-bop appeal. And his second version blurs the lines between electronica, breaks, and house. He's done a lovely job creating atmosphere and a great afterhours tune that will make you dance with your eyes closed. 


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