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Icarus – “Slither” (Feat. Ethan James) [Download]

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There’s always one message an artist is trying to convey when releasing original music and sometimes the message is obvious, however sometimes it can be difficult to distinct what’s actually coming across. Backed by Skrillex lead OWSLA Records, the UK bred powerhouse Icarus drops their new Steal the Sun EP, striking a balance between coherence and the unexpected. Their message reflects the ability to balance the diversity within their influences, and it’s apparent in “Slither”, a synth infested house anthem lit up by the vocals of Ethan James. Complex percussion and and a dark bass line place a definitive sound on Icarus, worthy of any UK Garage or techno enthusiast’s library. The EP is up for purchase now via OWSLA Records, as well as “Slither”  download on the OWSLA official Soundcloud. There are no tour dates nor extensive info for Icarus yet, but I’m sure we will be seeing them on a much larger scale by next year with OWSLA constantly on a tear.




  • OWSLA Records
  • October 10, 2013
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Its not that I'm are trying to force music on you like other writers, but more to instill the culture of music as an art, that can be appreciated like a nice glass of Scotch. Its all in the hips baby, its all in the hips. To get a little more personal, Im totally into the more mellow side of things. I love me some good, lyrical hip-hop, as well as some synth indie rock or pop. Throw in some nu-disco and a hefty dose of funk and you got a Ders cocktail. Not to say I don't dabble in the electro scene (ladies) :) Stay golden my friends, and please enjoy yourselves.
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  • Icarus

    Thank you for the write up! :)