The M Machine take us super high with "Superflat"

The M Machine take us super high with Superflat

What I like most about The M Machine: their ability to flawlessly execute hard electro with one song, then sing you to sleep with serenading melodies in another. For instance, last year saw them drop "Luma" on Metropolis Pt. II, an eerily beautiful track that seemed to spin a melancholy tale of horrific beauty. Contrast that with their "Middle Finger" remix, which managed (if you can believe it) to take Dog Blood's original up another thrashing notch. While elements of light and dark can be found in most any of the San Francisco trio's releases, "Superflat" does this with a twist. Vocals sung by  otherworldy beings, high electro/progressive climbs, then syncopated, laser-filled drops permeate the multifaceted electronica track, OWSLA's first brand new original of 2014. And hey, the album artwork appears to pay homage to the Master Sword from Zelda, so there's that too.


The M Machine


  • 2014-01-21

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